This site has been created to document individual experiences with, the social network that began 08 August 2008. ZenZuu's compensation plan will pay 80% of it's ad revenue back to it's active members.
       It is my hope that our work here will make ZenZuu all that it can be. Coffee with a purpose!

My ZenZuu Experience

Glitches or Retribution?
07 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

In order to get paid from ZenZuu you have to agree to abide by the terms of at least one of their three programs: MYATMREP, ZZREP or GREENPAGEREP. To do this you must use a form, put in your personal information and check the boxes for the programs you want to join. If you do not join you do not make any money. Also, we are told that we only have one chance to join these programs. In other words, if we only choose to join only one of the three, then after we click "OK" and submit the page we will never be able to join the other programs.

The Problem
I have joined all three programs a total of 3 times over the past month (twice in November and once in December) and, for some reason, when I go back to the site the form is blank and it looks like I have never joined any of them. If I am not an active member of these programs when a calendar month ends then I will not get my percentage of the ad revenues. I am posting a screen shot taken today to prove that I have joined these programs yet again.

Programs Acceptance 07 Dec 2008

Update 07 January 2009 5:40pm ET
Programs no longer show - as if I never joined.

07 January 2009 6:40pm ET
I once again check all 3 boxes to join all three programs. Do notice the warning that if you do not choose all of the programs now you will never get another chance.

07 January 2009 6:41pm ET
However, now it only shows that I joined one program not all three.

07 January 2009 7:36pm ET
So after I do the 30 logins I get the 3 programs to show active.

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