This site has been created to document individual experiences with, the social network that began 08 August 2008. ZenZuu's compensation plan will pay 80% of it's ad revenue back to it's active members.
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My ZenZuu Experience

My Disappointing ZenZuu Story continued...
02 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

As of this writing, this last voice mail was a little over a week ago. I have considered doing as they ask but not being a lawyer I don't think that I will be able to rewrite the Terms of Use "in legal language that is acceptable by all concerned."

Even if I were able to create statements in proper legalese, all they have agreed to do is "approve or not approve". This means no dialogue and no chance to get feedback as to what needs to be changed in order for my rewrites to be approved.

AND, they only want "additions" to the document, meaning any language that is currently there will continue to be there. So if my "addition" conflicts with what is already there they will not be able to approve it... right?

Am I wrong to think that I am being set-up to fail?

Additional Problem Added: 07 Dec 2008
In order to get paid from ZenZuu you have to agree to abide by the terms of at least one of their three programs: MYATMREP, ZZREP or GREENPAGEREP. To do this you must use a form, put in your personal information and check the boxes for the programs you want to join. If you do not join you do not make any money. Also, we are told that we only have one chance to join these programs. In other words, if we only choose to join only one of the three, then after we click "OK" and submit the page we will never be able to join the other programs.

The Problem
I have joined all three programs a total of 3 times over the past month and, for some reason, when I go back to the site the form is blank and it looks like I have never joined any of them. If I am not an active member of these programs when a calendar month ends then I will not get my percentage of the ad revenues. I am posting a screen shot taken today to prove that I have joined these programs yet again.

Programs Acceptance 07 Dec 2008

Update 07 January 2009 5:40pm ET

Update 06 March 2009 8:40am ET
Zenzuu: The social network with a one-track mind

Thank you Julian for sending this link to this blog that started May 2008. The first post says the following:

"So, I was chatting with the driver of the limo my hosts in Las Vegas kindly supplied for me. When I said that I write about technology, he told me about his startup. Itís a social network that heís confident will knock FaceBook and MySpace off the map. So, when I got back home tonight, I took a look. The Zenzuu explanatory page consists of a 6-minute video right off of late-night cable..." [Emphasis added.]
Then on 18 January 2009 there is this post from a computer tech who says he worked on the actual system:
zenzuu developer, on January 28th, 2009 at 11:35 pm Said:
"I developed the MLM system for Zenzuu. I did it to make money. I was a consultant who was bound by NO CONTRACT, so I can say what I want about Zenzuu. Me and the other programmers were the only ones who got paid. No one on Zenzuu will ever be paid, ever. Joe Risk, the guy in the video on zenzuu is at the top of the food chain, and if zenzuu were to make $50,000 in 1 month, he would only make $200 at most!!!!!

"First, 30% would go to investors, the other 40% to the sales reps who brought in all the advertisements, so 30% would be left over for ad revenue. 80% of that 30% would be distributed to the downline. I tested using $20,000 (as the 30% left over for ad revenue) and Joe Risk got about $105 from his first 9 levels and another $95 from his 10th level bonus.

"I gave up on Zenzuu after learning the real numbers behind everything. They arenít giving away 80% of total ad gross, its net! first they have to pay investors, sales commissions, server & office bills, salaries, THEN they pay the members."

zenzuu developer, on January 28th, 2009 at 11:49 pm Said:
"Oh yea, also. They claim to have spent over 1.5 mil to develop Zenzuu. They spent maybe $3,000 on server bills a month, $4,800 for each of us four programmers & engineers, $300 for cell phone bills, and almost nothing for office space through a friend. Within the 10 months of development, Zenzuu might have spent $400,000, but NEVER 1.5 million dollars.

"Also, Zenzuu was suppose to be an online store where people could post products for sale and get other zenzuu reps to sell their products on a mass scale, sharing commissions throughout the downline, but after the investors came in 6 months into development, they wanted us to build an advertisement system, so its pretty much the investors fault for screwing something that could have been pure and helpful to the world.

"And to make it worse, Zenzuu promised so much, like starting to pay the downline in August of 08, but they STILL dont pay their downline because there ARENT ANY ADS!!!!!!!! Either way, the advertising system wasnt even completed until 4 months after deadline, December 08.

"One good thing about Zenzuu though is that so many people found out about it and we were peaking at 50,000 signups a month before zenzuu went downhill, and those signups were all word of mouth. No marketing campaigns besides a 24/7 phone conference which was hosted by Joe Risk, who NEVER EVEN GOT PAID FOR ALL THE HARD WORK HE DID. That man spent 1 hour 3 times a day, 7 days a week for over 8 months on that conference call, selling the same shit and saying the same shit over and over. It was like he was living his own gullable nightmare.

"None of the Officers (CEO, CTO, COO) knew anything about the internet and never even took any advice from us programmers about which direction to take zenzuu, so itís their own faults."

Much love,
Mark Entingh

What can I say after that... I think I rest my case.

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