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My ZenZuu Experience

My Disappointing ZenZuu Story continued...
02 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

Dr. Jacob called me a few days later. He said he had to go quickly to get on another call but that Tommy Vu had responded and made changes to the Terms of Use. Tommy had passed it by his lawyers and what is there [posted on the ZenZuu site] is all that he will be doing. The following is the addition made to the Terms of Use:

Supplemental definition of "third party" in the Term of Use, added on Nov 14th-2008

ZenZuu DOES NOT share the ZenZuu mailing list of ZenZuu members with any third party who has NO affiliation with ZenZuu

ZenZuu, from time to time, in order to effectively conduct its ordinary course of business, will notify you via e-mail information about an offering by a third party who is a ZenZuu affiliate, licensee, and or partner of ZenZuu. In this context, a ZenZuu "third party" means companies, persons, or organizations that are subject to a certain contractual agreement with ZenZuu to enhance ZenZuu business agenda.

This small, what seems to be a token, response was very disappointing. What about being notified when the Terms are changed? What about having a list of third parties available so we can see their terms and privacy policies? What about the selling of our personally identifying information?

Our issues document had nine points and not one of them is about the defintion of "third party". Our issue #5 did concern third parties:

If third parties can use our information based on their own policies then we need to know who they are and how to contact them.

Solution: A comprehensive list of all 3rd parties (and their affiliates) contact information, will be provided and easily accessible at all times. Members will be immediately notified when a new 3rd party is added, and a current 3rd party changes their policies.
The problem with not understanding what "third party" meant was only brought up in the zmail I had sent Tommy Vu.

After being told what the ZenZuu official response was, more than one person, including Tammy, said that if that is the only change that would be made then they were ready to "throw in the towel". Personally, I was upset by this seeming lack of acknowledgement of our major concerns and decided to wait a few days to consider how to proceed.

On 21 November 2008 I got the following zmail from Dr. Jacob: "Tammy has NOT even logged in once this month...Is there anything I can do to help? Kind Regards, Dr. J"

My reply on 23 November 2008 was:

Tammy is very upset that the only thing that Tommy Vu will do is a clarification of what "third party" means and will not address any of the other concerns. She and many others are "throwing in the towel" because it is obvious to them that he is not interested in addressing valid concerns of the members.

If you want to help, then get Tommy Vu to address the other issues.


A few days later, I was surprised by the next communication I received... the following is a transcript and the audio of the voice mail I received from Joe Risk:

11/26/2008 12:31 PM   1:02 Mins
Joe Risk.wav  
Joe Risk.mp3  

"Hi. This is Joe Risk with ZenZuu. I'm on with Dr. J. Umm... Got a call from Tommy Vu this morning and umm... while we appreciate the fact that you're interested in the terms and conditions and everything else... umm... How am I going to say this politely... If you have something that you want to put in please write the language exactly - exactly how and we will either approve it or not approve it. OK? But beyond that, umm... we're... this is our business model. That if throwing in the towel is throwing in the towel for you then that's what you have to do. If you have some language that you want to put in to the terms and conditions please write it exactly how you think it should be, send it over, and we will either approve it or not approve it. Beyond that... have a great day. Thank you Dr. J."

And then I received this voice mail follow-up from Dr. Jacob about an hour later:

11/26/2008 01:46 PM   1:30 Mins
"Trish, Dr. J just ah.. checking in with you. Ahh... Joe indicated that he would be leaving you a voice mail. Ah... If you would like to call me in the light of that... ah... My understand is that they are open to a submittal that would basically be similar to what you submitted before but in addition to citing the ah... the part that you think needs addressed, they want you to actually reword it in legal language that is acceptable by all concerned. And as they've done before already, they have taken what you have done and run it by the attorneys on their end and you know the end result is what it is. Because they said, Tommy and Joe said that they have run all that by the attorneys thus far and that the end result is what you see on the site. If there is any further dialogue feel free to deal directly with Joe and Tommy. Ah... There really isn't anything more that I can do except to cheer you on. And wish you all the best. God bless you."

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