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My ZenZuu Experience

My Disappointing ZenZuu Story continued...
02 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

We Begin Work: 04 Oct 2008
So a group of us began working on our "Issues Document". After several weeks, and many revisions later, we had created, to the best of our ability, a document that addressed the main issues we had with the Terms of Use. I emailed the document to Dr. Jacob who said he printed it out and hand delivered it to both Joe Risk and Tommy Vu at the Chicago Zenzuu Conference the weekend of 01 November 2008. And, on Dr. Jacob's recommendation, I zmailed (ZenZuu's internal email system) Tommy Vu the following Monday.

Click Link to read the full document: Issues with Terms of Use
1. Terms of Use supersedes any verbal representation made
2. We will have to agree to give up personal information or rights in order to get our earnings out of our account.It also says that the additional terms imposed by other parties are incorporated into this agreement.
3. This says that we will need to read and review this very long document every time we log on.
4. Gives the impression that ZZ can use sophisticated technical methods to collect information from the users' computer; not just what they willingly put on ZZ.
5. If third parties can use our information based on their own policies then we need to know who they are and how to contact them.
6. This seems to say that ZZ can send emails to our friends email, make it look like it's coming from the member themselves.
7. This seems to say that ZenZuu or other entities (whomever they may be) can sell, rent or share our personally identifiable information in order to make money.
8. This says that ZenZuu cannot be held responsible for person damages caused by our personal information being used hackers or others.
9. Currently there are two versions of the Privacy Statement on site.
11/4/2008 6:58:09 PM
Dear Mr. Vu,

My name is Trishah Woolley. I am a member of ZenZuu and the administrator of My ZenZuu organization is now over 70 people, many who are from my organization. I am the person who sent you, via Dr. Thomas Jacob and Joe Risk, the document that outlines the concerns raised by my organization about the wording of the ZenZuu Terms of Use.

I just got off the phone with Dr. Jacob and he thought it would be good if I wrote you directly to (1) make sure you have received the document, and (2) open up a dialogue between us.

I know that you are extremely busy and have many people and tasks demanding your attention so I appreciate you taking time to address these concerns personally. And I want to impress upon you that I have people who have already signed up for ZenZuu who are so concerned with the Terms of Use that they are not wanting to continue using the service. Others will not sign up at all. So I want you to understand that I am bringing you these concerns directly because they are keeping your business from growing as quickly as it could, so making this a priority would be to your benefit.

For instance: Dr. Jacob says he spoke with Joe Risk and then explained to me that the term "third party" means companies that are "under the ZenZuu umbrella". However, one of the definitions of the term "third party" is: Any person/organization except who is party of the company or the company's affiliate. Which clearly means NOT under the corporate umbrella. Thus, to make your intent perfectly clear, you either need to stop using the term "third party" or you need to define the term to make it clear what it really means.

If there is anything I can do to either help you with this or clarify any of concerns raised in the document, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Trishah Woolley

No Response
After about 10 days of not hearing anything I contacted Dr. Jacob for an update. His recommendation was "there is power in numbers" and that Tommy Vu responds to numbers. So the more people that we could get to email him (all using the same subject line) the more likely we were to get his attention.
So I contacted my group for assistance:

Nov 13, 2008
Follow-up On ZenZuu Terms Of Use Issues
         The document we put together was handed to Tommy Vu, founder of ZenZuu, and his partner Joe Risk, during the conference a week and a half ago. I spoke with Dr. Jacob who said that I should also zmail (ZenZuu's internal email) Tommy to introduce myself and get a dialogue going that way.
         As of today I have heard nothing back from Tommy Vu. I just spoke with Dr. Jacob who says "Tommy responds to number" and that we need to get Tommy's attention and he says having many people email him with the same Subject line in their zmails will do the trick.
         Tommy will be on the ZenZuu conference call this Sunday at 9pm so if all of us who are already members can email him in the next 36 hours he may talk about the issue during the conference call.

How To Zmail Tommy Vu:
1. Log in to ZZ
2. Type "TommyVu" (no space) in search box.
3. The search result will give you a picture of TommyVu.
4. Click on his picture. This will take you to his profile
5. Click the "Add to Friends". This give you permission to zmail him.
6. Then click "Send Message"
7. VERY IMPORTANT: Put these exact words in the Subject line: Urgent! Problems with the Terms of Use Need Your Immediate Attention. This way he will know that this issue is a concern to everyone who writes.

Below is the text/body of the zmail I will be sending. Feel free to use it as a basis for yours (but, obviously, make it sound like it's coming from you). Or write your own. Please do this by 9am Saturday! [Duplicate email text deleted.]

For my part, I sent a second copy of my 04 Nov 2008 zmail to Tommy Vu on 13 November 2008.

I do not know how many people sent zmails to Tommy Vu but it was enough to get a response.

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