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My ZenZuu Experience

My Disappointing ZenZuu Story continued...
02 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

Sign Me Up: 17 Sept 2008
I became a member almost immediately even though the ZenZuu website was not working well and many of the planned features were not installed. I was told that this is a startup and that they were working out the bugs. So, I went about learning the system and set-up my own web pages to explain ZenZuu to our group (including a mailing list of about 2,000). I also posted on our main gathering place forum for the active members to see. It didn't take long before I had over 70 people in my downline. Many of them are from my group who signed up because it was "for the cause" and I had never asked anything like this of anyone before... In other words, they trusted me.

Terms of Use Concerns
It didn't take long before a number of people told me that they had read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies on ZenZuu and were very concerned and upset by what they read. I have to admit that I signed up without reading these documents. So I printed out all 40+ pages of the four documents and started reading. As I worked my way through the legalese I started to become concerned myself... Very concerned.

Click Link for copies of all four documents:
1. Terms of Use,
2. Privacy Policy,
3. MyATM Rep Terms,
4. ZZRep Terms

Feeling responsible for getting my group involved with ZenZuu without doing my due diligence, I spoke at some length with Dr. Jacob who in turn talked to Joe Risk, one of the founders of ZenZuu and apparently Tommy Vu's right-hand-man. Dr. Jacob said he'd use his connections to have our concerns addressed. In order to approach Mr. Risk with our concerns, and ultimately Tommy Vu, we would need to clearly defined our concerns ahead of time by putting everything in writing. And Dr. Jacob was nice enough to offer to have a conference call to answer questions.

At this point I became worried when Dr. Jacob kept saying that we would have to write out what we wanted in the documents in "legal language" exactly how we would want it to appear. I told him that we are not lawyers and since making changes to one part of a document may, legally, change other areas I did not think we could give him exact wording. But Dr. Jacob kept insisting on this point. Eventually, I told him we would do the best we could.

Conference Call with Dr. Jacob, 13 October 2008
Dr. Jacob agreed to do a conference call with myself and Tammy, a member of our group, on Monday so he could clear up specific issues we were raising. Unfortunately, because of a family tragedy on that exact day, I was unable to be on the call.

This is Tammy's version of that call...
"Dr. J would not address any specific issues. He told me that we were free to take the documents to our attorney and we would see that it was "a standard legal agreement". I told him that the documents are not standard as compared to the same agreements on MySpace and FaceBook. Dr. Jacob said that the Zenzuu document would be different because it is the first time anyone has tried to "redistribute the wealth" to its members.

"Dr. J went on to say, if anyone else in our group had issues with the terms of use just refer them to him and that he would "simply turn around and refer them to their attorney". If we still wanted to submit our concerns to Tommy Vu, the founder, he would only do so if our rewrite was in "final legal form". I interpreted this requirement as making it virtually impossible for us to submit anything that would be acceptable without incurring substantial legal fees of our own.

"Dr. J told me that he had faith in Tommy Vu and his vision for Zenzuu. Dr. J had personally spoken with Tommy Vu, been in his house, met his relatives and believed him to be sincere. I told him that anything Tommy Vu says is not legally binding because the first thing the Terms of Use state is that it supersedes anything anyone says. So how can we believe anything we are being told? He said we "had to have faith." The conversation ended abruptly when Dr. J had another call coming in."

Terms of Use Date of Last Revision: April 28th, 2007.
This Terms of Use supersedes any verbal representation made by any Independent Marketing Representative of ZenZuu ("REP"), any ZenZuu employees, partners, licensees and affiliates, whether such representation is made in person, in voice recording, or in video recording.

It was a number of days before I was able to get back to Tammy and find out what had happened during the call with Dr. Jacob. I knew we would not be able to meet the requirement of "final legal form" yet I could not just let this drop because I had put my reputation on the line with my group and had to see this through to the best of my ability.

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