This site has been created to document individual experiences with, the social network that began 08 August 2008. ZenZuu's compensation plan will pay 80% of it's ad revenue back to it's active members.
       It is my hope that our work here will make ZenZuu all that it can be. Coffee with a purpose!

My ZenZuu Experience

My Disappointing ZenZuu Story
02 December 2008   By Trishah Woolley

I wish you to know that I am disappointed but have not given up on ZenZuu. I want to believe what I have been told... that they are honorable people who have everyone's best interests at heart. I understand that ZenZuu is a business and has a business model. I understand that advertisers thrive on accurate information about customers and they are willing to pay for it. After reading ZenZuu's legal documents I believe that the ZenZuu website/system is set-up for them to gather and sell both our non-personally identifying information, such as browsing habits, as well as our personally identifying information (PII) such as name, address, phone number, email address and the email addresses of our friends... Maybe more than that. This makes sense from a business point-of-view and I might even agree to have my information used like this in return for a decent steady income... IF this was being done above-board and honorably.

My name is Trishah Woolley (aka, SaveJFC). I have been the admin for a fan group website for the past 15 months. Though our efforts did not save our TV show we want to keep the website up because of the wealth of information we have collected. So I was looking an income stream that would cover costs (currently $160 a year). Our show has themes of spirituality, anti-pollution, personal redemption, and the power of community to heal. So the income stream would have to be in keeping with these values.

Campaign to Save the HBO original series 'John From Cincinnati'

About the same time, I was introduced to ZenZuu by a friend. He was especially excited about this opportunity because of a gentleman and pastor, Dr. Jacob (aka, Dr. J), who does the 8pm ET conference calls for ZenZuu. On this recommendation I listened to Dr. Jacob's call and was very impressed with him and how nice he was to everyone who called in. I called him myself the next day and, again, was impressed with his honesty and sincerity. His whole-hearted belief in Tommy Vu's integrity and brilliance was infectious.

Dr. Thomas Jacob attended Chicago Theological Seminary and earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Spiritual Formation. Click Link to visit

The ZenZuu Story, As Told To Me
Tommy Vu was one of the "boat children" who left Vietnam (also have heard Cambodia) after the Vietnam war. He came with nothing and worked hard and became a real estate multi-millionaire. A decade ago or so he met a homeless person (I have heard it told as both a woman and a man) and the experience changed Tommy Vu's life. He began trying to find a way to "redistribute the wealth" so that the most disenfranchise people could make money. I was told, and have read on the internet, that "redistribution of wealth" is part of the ZenZuu mission statement but have never been able to find an official mission statement to confirm this. The end result of Mr. Vu's search was the creation of ZenZuu, a social network like MySpace that would share 80% of the ad revenue with it's active members. Since MySpace takes in many millions every month in ad revenue, this could end up being a nice chunk of change.

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